Thursday, June 19, 2014

Getting Started

To begin my journey to completing the mural. I made a trip out to Philadelphia to survey possible sights that would work best for a sculptural mural. I first visited sites that were available to me through friends who were interested in supporting the project. I then met with the City of Philadelphia in order to find out what permission I would need to create this mural in a public space. The city explained that I would just need permission from the owner of the property. I was able to narrow my decision in terms of location because of the locations had an inset that would make a niche possible. 

During a second trip I met with a few fellow artist that have worked with mural projects before and got ideas on how to create a timeline and the best times of year to work. Philadelphia has a internationally renown mural arts program so and it is important to me to create a public piece of art that will pay homage to Philadelphia residents in as exceptional a way that the murals arts has done in the past. I met with InLiquid a Philadelphia organization that is interested in hosting an event where volunteers can get involved in the installation and possible create a garden alongside the mural itself. This idea is still in the beginning stages. In a meeting with Garth Johnson I found out Philadelphia will be having a mosaic mural conference and I was invited to take part in getting a better understanding of what this community could offer by attending events the Clay Studio of Philadelphia will run concurrently. 

One of the surprising elements is how many ceramic artist have shown interests in collaborating and volunteering their time to complete this piece in an exceptional way. 

Below is a picture of my drawing so far but I have to get to a scanner as I am away I do not have access. So please accept the previous writing as my "what I've done thus far" and I will be sure to get you images to support my previous steps. 

Ever Thankful, 

Roberto Lugo

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