Thursday, March 19, 2015

Update from Roberto Lugo

My desire to create a mosaic mural to memorialize Payne has been met with much more planning and complication than I originally considered. First, finding "The," or for that matter "A," location is complicated, because although the community is supportive of the project, few own a property that has a wall for me to work with. I’ve gone back and forth with individuals who have offered a wall, but have changed their mind for various reasons.

Meanwhile, my studio practice has been steadily churning out tiles and the ceramic elements that will be used for the mural. First, I am creating a wide array of shapes and sizes in order to fill in spaces that will present themselves during installation. The nucleus of the mural will be three centerpieces that will take the form of vessels—these vessels will provide homage to images of Payne. The color scheme is still being considered, as I wanted to ensure I had adequate tiles before continuing to pursue its colors. One element that I am still considering is whether the very center of the mural will have a vessel or a figurative sculpture of Payne.

In addition to my original plan, I am holding a “block party” in Philadelphia to allow the community to paint tiles for the mural. This addition will allow for the community to take ownership of the project and have a relationship with it. These tiles will be taken back to my studio and glazed, as well as incorporated, into the overall composition of the mural.

A special thank you to InLiquid, The Philadelphia Clay Studio, and the Kensington Community for their assistance thus far in helping me to coordinate this project.
Figure possibility for center of mural.
Jars for center of mural.

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