Thursday, August 6, 2015

Joe Singewald Update: New Space

First off, I am honored to have my name side-by-side with past and future Jerome Ceramic Artist Project Grant recipients awarded by Northern Clay Center.

Wanting to live a life as a potter, and hopefully a future educator, has required multiple moving trucks for my family. The most recent brought us to Cold Spring, Minnesota, after I accepted a position at the College of Saint Benedict and Saint John's University as their Art Department Technical Manager. The Jerome Grant has allowed me to establish a new, basement studio. With a wide open and unfinished basement there is plenty of space for the treadle wheel, but clay dust can travel great distances, so my father-in-law and I built a few walls to help contain the clay. The walls are up, shelves and tables have been built, and pots are finally getting made!

On a sunny day in July, cars driving by my house slowed to stare at the large box with Skutt printed on the side. The addition of a new, computerized kiln is simply awesome. I will be able to fire larger work more efficiently. The Jerome Grant is not only helping me establish my studio, it has helped out an additional potter as well. The new kiln allowed me to pass my old Skutt on to a young ceramic student leaving college, excited about clay, but not financially in a position to set up a studio.

The wall leading into my studio and a display for a small fraction of my collection. I love pots. I wouldn't be making pots if it weren't for other potters and their fabulous work. I need to find more space to build more shelving for the crates of pots patiently waiting to see the light of day once again.

The first pieces made in my new space, slab build cups and vases.

Skutt in the grass. I don't know who was more excited: me for the shiny new kiln or my two oldest girls for a new box to play in. Thanks to my friend Eric for helping move her into the basement.

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