Thursday, August 6, 2015

Studio Progress from Adam Gruetzmacher

I spent the beginning of the summer researching kilns and planning the layout of my future home studio.  I finally landed on a 10 cubic foot electric kiln from Bailey.  Waiting for its arrival, I built two-thirds of my shelving, which will feature 108 square feet of ware board space when complete. The kiln finally arrived in late July and my dad and I spent the better part of three days wiring the kiln in, and building a ventilation system capable of keeping my basement studio free of excess heat and dangerous fumes.

Two-thirds of floor to ceiling shelving is complete.

This is the 10 cubic foot Bailey electric that I selected.  It has many nice features including three thermocouples and a lid lifting system that transfers the weight of the lid off of the soft brick insulation.

We built this ventilation system from scratch using a 4'/4' piece of sheet metal and a in-line fan rated to 720 cfm at full power. The hood is removable for loading and unloading.

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